This is the the living room as viewed straight across the North end from the East facing the West.  You can see the archway to the breakfast room & the stools/table in there.  The wall beyond the stools/table now has a 7'h x 3-1/2'w x 2-1/2'd oak cabinet that matches the kitchen cabinets, housing an electric dumbwaiter cart used to move frozen foods down to/up from the upright freezer in the basement equipment room & will be used to send cooked food down to the wet bar/game room/banquet sized dining room.  Past the stools/table you also can see the  master bedroom alcove, which has the master bedroom door on the right side & the kitchen pantry door on the left hand side.  I hope you have noticed all the detail in the woodwork of the door frames and the fireplace mantle.
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