This is the West end of the back of the house.  You can see the door to the basement hall, the 2 chairs on the porch in front of the double windows in the game room -- which is large enough to hold an 8' pool table, a PacMan video game, a tavern-type 2-player Ms. PacMan Table-type game with the screen under a glass table top, a game table on which to play checkers/chess/backgammon/dominos/card games, and a dartboard.  Towards the front of the house from the game room is the equipment room (which houses the upright freezer, water heater and the upstairs & downstairs HVAC units); above the porch you see the deck again with a clear view of the door outside from the den/sunroom and all 5 windows of the den/sunroom.  To the right of the sunroom (the solid wall) is the North side of the master bedroom.  Under the master bed/bath is the area that will be the formal dining room (that will have room for a table that will seat 20) and beyond that, towards the front of the house, the wet-bar area and inside staircase that comes out in the kitchen/garage foyer.  The entire basement will have 8' ceilings and the office has a square trey in the center that goes up an additional foot.
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