This is the center of the back (North side) of the house.  On the porch you see the door that goes into the basement hall, under the stairs you can make out the window into what will be my home office, and to the right of the door are the double windows of the game room.  The hall makes a left turn past the office and goes to the guest suite.  Opposite the office & hall are a bath with a 5' shower stall (under the foyer) and a storage room (under the dining room).  The basement is partially finished -- the electrical, plumbing and HVAC duct-work is in place; most of the wallboard is hanged and just needs to be taped/textured/painted; the ceilings and flooring still need to e done.  Upstairs you see the windows of the living room on each side of the cement perma-board (white) chimney and on the right, the door into the den/sunroom and 2 of the windows in the den/sunroom.
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